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Our firm offers a multi-disciplinary team of planners, urban designers, and landscape architects that come together on a myriad of projects. This synergy within our firm's five offices creates an environment that ensures projects have a strong foundation and distinct identity.


Every project requires innovative solutions. Our firm has always taken a collaborative approach, bringing various interests to the table to find a solution that fits. Our firm specializes in project management and the coordination of all aspects of our work.


Our firm takes pride in providing leadership in the services we provide to our clients.  Our specialization in commercial, residential and aggregate resource planning sets us apart from other firms.  Our leadership in these fields has resulted in positive outcomes for our client's projects.


Our firm is constantly researching and exchanging ideas to ensure that we are in tune with current and future policies, regulations, and land use trends. In doing so, MHBC stays relevant and ensures that it has the tools to respond to the needs and aspirations of our clients.


We seek out the best critical thinkers and foster a positive and creative working environment, which results in quality products and services being provided to each of our clients.


MHBC delivers excellence in planning, urban design, and landscape architecture.

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