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Hamilton, ON

City of Hamilton

Cultural Heritage Landscape, Master Plan and Implementation

2008 - 2010


Battlefield Park located in the City of Hamilton is a heritage site with several layers of significance. The pivotal battle of the War of 1812-14 occurred in the agricultural landscape of Gage Farm in Stoney Creek. One of the earliest women led commemorative projects occurred here 100 years after the battle. The early 20th century City Beautiful movement championed by pioneering landscape architects Howard and Lorrie Dunington-Grubb created a formal landscape within the evolved cultural landscape setting of parkland. 

Restoration of the Dunington-Grubb design for the 2012 commemoration completes the celebration of this nationality significant site. 

Our work involved the preparation of a comprehensive Master Plan with extensive consultation with the public and stakeholders such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Niagara Escarpment Commission, in order to guide the restoration and ongoing maintenance of the cultural and natural resources of the site.

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