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Managing the mineral aggregate resources that is essential to Ontario's long-term economic prosperity

Our buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are dependent on the effective planning and wise use of this critical non-renewable resource. Planning should ensure mineral aggregates are available from close-to-market sources and appropriately designed to minimize environmental and social impacts.

MHBC has provided planning services for over 100 pit and quarry applications and prepared over 200 Aggregate Resources Act Site Plans.  Our expertise is well-known as we have led many precedent-setting cases across Ontario. MHBC has a thorough and current understanding of the requirements of the Aggregate Resources Act and other relevant Acts. Our experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of aggregate policies, issues, trends and rehabilitation requirements. 

An important aspect of aggregate planning is to develop a rehabilitation plan that provides after use opportunities such as natural heritage, agriculture and recreation.

MHBC has been a leader in mineral aggregate planning and resource management since the 1970's.

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