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Preserving our history through cultural heritage planning

Ontario's rich cultural heritage reflects its diverse geography, social and economic backgrounds. Our cultural heritage provides a source of civic pride and tourism to be integrated with conservation approaches and potential land use change.

Our Cultural Heritage Group has extensive knowledge of heritage planning issues in Ontario and has worked on numerous National Historic Sites, provincially significant sites, heritage conservation district studies and individual historic properties.  MHBC works with land owners, the province, municipalities, and heritage committees to select the appropriate approach or combination of approaches based on the significance of heritage resources.  Our approach, combined with a thorough knowledge of the Planning Act, provincial and federal policies, the Ontario Heritage Act and extensive experience with heritage resources ensures practical and realistic solutions to conserve Ontario's built heritage and cultural heritage landscapes.

Services we offer include cultural landscape and built heritage assessment, heritage impact studies and assessments, heritage conservation district studies, municipal heritage planning services, heritage urban design, master planning for heritage properties, conservation management plans, peer reviews, historic research, expert witness testimony and heritage permit applications.

MHBC is actively involved in preserving Ontario’s cultural heritage.

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