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Innovative solutions for the unique challenges of brownfield and infill development

Abandoned, idle, or under utilized industrial or commercial lands can pose both a difficult problem and a tremendous opportunity for cities and municipalities. Redeveloping these sites can be expensive and the risk of contamination and environmental liability make these brownfield and infill projects extremely challenging. The benefit is the reduced need for greenfield development and the revitalization of older neighbourhoods and downtown cores with new projects and a population base which supports public transit and maximizes use of existing infrastructure.

Our numerous successfully completed brownfield and infill initiatives have allowed us to understand and meet the challenges of revitalization. Redevelopment is an important component in accommodating future growth in the Province of Ontario.

MHBC understands the regulatory environment and our professional experience allows us to provide creative problem solving techniques for each project.  Our project teams are well coordinated to successfully complete site planning design and development approvals. Our specialized expertise in community consultation coupled with our skills in facilitation/mediation have proven invaluable in gaining neighbourhood support and buy in to these types of projects.

Our extensive knowledge base throughout southern Ontario allows us to identify potential sites for redevelopment. Through a comprehensive due diligence exercise we are able to identify potential issues at the early stages so they can be addressed during the design and approval process.

Image source: MBTW/Watchhorn Group

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