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Interactive urban design and community planning for innovative and practical solutions

The physical design of neighbourhoods is at the forefront of many municipal and community planning exercises. The real challenge is to creatively apply integrated urban design principles which contribute to the quality of life within communities. Each plan must take into account the needs of the community, planning principles, provincial policy initiatives, servicing and financing. A creative yet pragmatic approach to each issue is essential.

MHBC utilizes an interactive design process which leads to practical solutions reflecting the vision and character of communities while balancing the needs of developers, stakeholders and the municipality.

MHBC's approach relies on tried and true planning and design principles coupled with innovation. MHBC has a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment and undertakes detailed investigations of existing site features, surrounding land use, servicing, decommissioning issues and assessment of development/redevelopment options. MHBC is well-known for strong project management and our ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams including architects, ecologists, landscape architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers and contractors.

Our clients appreciate the 'value added' approach we provide in order to maximize creative solutions and minimize delays.

MHBC is dedicated to providing exceptional service in community planning and urban design.

Image source: Michael Spaziani Architects Inc.

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