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Professional and expert representation for tribunal hearings

The land use planning and development system in the Province of Ontario provides opportunities for applicants, agencies, and private citizens to dispute planning decisions before a tribunal. In some cases hearings are avoided through alternative dispute resolution.

Through our extensive experience with the Ontario Municipal Board, Joint Board, Environmental Review Tribunal and other tribunals, MHBC's staff is qualified to provide expert evidence and professional opinion on a broad range of planning related disciplines including: professional planning, cultural landscape heritage, landscape architecture, agricultural and visual evidence and opinions before various tribunals.

MHBC has successfully represented hundreds of applicants, agencies and municipalities before various tribunals in Ontario.  We understand the importance of being well prepared and applying sound professional judgment supported by appropriate visual graphics displays. MHBC's partners and associates have also received specialized training in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Office of Provincial Facilitators, Ontario Professional Planners Institute and the Society for Conflict Resolution in Ontario.

Leverage MHBC’s experience in tribunal hearing procedures, practices and traditions.

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