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Oakville, ON

Town of Oakville

Heritage Conservation District Study

2011 - 2013


Much of the urban structure of downtown Oakville, Ontario, has remained intact since it was designed in 1835. As a result, downtown Oakville contains an eclectic mix of buildings from many historic periods and styles, dating from the 1830s to the present. 

As part of both Oakville's Official Plan and the Liveable Oakville public engagement program, Oakville recognized a desire to protect and enhance the historic character of its downtown. To accomplish this, the Town of Oakville retained MHBC to undertake a process to designate its core as a heritage conservation district under the Ontario Heritage Act. MHBC created a database of the built form and analyzed Oakville's downtown landscape to understand the area's significance and determine a recommended Heritage Conservation District boundary. The team then developed design guidelines to help shape future development in the district. MHBC also provided policy framework-related guidance for the future preservation of the character of Downtown Oakville.


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