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Della Ross


Della joined MHBC in February of 2021 as an Associate.   Della has over 30 years of regional and municipal planning experience.  Della began her career as a Principal Planner at the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and had the opportunity to work in the Policy, Development and Housing Divisions during her time there.  At the City of Kitchener, Della started as a Senior Planner working primarily on large master planned greenfield subdivisions.  For the past 14 years Della was Manager of Development Review and led her team through Kitchener’s first phase of rapid growth which transformed the city through intensification, redevelopment and greenfield communities.  She was also key in the review of City of Kitchener’s new Official Plan and comprehensive Zoning By-law. When Della became Kitchener’s Director of Planning (Interim), Waterloo Region (Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge) was the fastest growing municipality in Canada.  She led the department of over 30 planners and support staff through the transition to full electronic submissions and plan review during the initial weeks of Covid-19, ensuring stability and the continuation of approvals for the community and development industry. 

Della believes in complete communities where there is opportunity for those living in them to live healthy and productive lives. To accomplish this, the residents, the development industry, planners, politicians and other stakeholders need to work together with a shared vision that supports our existing and future neighbourhoods. Success depends on relationship building and this has been a priority throughout Della’s career.

Della’s educational background is an undergraduate degree In Environmental Studies (BES) and a Master’s Degree (MA) in Political Science with a focus on Planning Law. 

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